The Glamore Milano Duomo

Via Silvio Pellico 2, 20121, Milano

Sustainability is as much a part of The Glamore Milano Duomo as memorable experiences and a warm welcome. Caring for our planet means being proactive stewards of our environment. The Glamore Milano Duomo recognizes climate change as a global issue we all must address.


The Glamore Milano Duomo is proud to partner with like-minded organizations to find inclusive, sustainable hospitality solutions. We work with our partners and suppliers to develop new ways of mutually reducing environmental footprints.


The Glamore Milano Duomo is committed to using all eco-sustainable products, to reduce water consumption and recover plastic, guaranteeing its circular cycle. All the materials used for cleaning the rooms and common areas are certified and biodegradable.


All the amenities and materials available to our guests are biodegradable and their disposal process follows strict procedures. We offer our guests high-end products that meet specific environmental sustainability criteria.


Thanks to the use of the latest technologies on the market, The Glamore Milano Duomo constantly reduces waste materials, offering its guests smart services through digital tools.